Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Special Price for USM Student

Posted by Wilma Shana at 9:34 PM

It’s all Special Price only for USM Student!

Obuse Candy Tint

Market Price: RM15/unit
Our Price: RM10/unit
Save : RM5

-It is a lip tint that is more less like a lip balm but in liquid condition.
-Made in Thailand, and the number 1 best seller in Korea and Thailand.
-Most of the korean & Malaysia actress are using
-Contain Jojoba oil & vitaman E, won’t make lips look dry
-Smell good like candy

Gluta 200k Botox filler

Market Price: RM80
Our Price: RM70                                                         
Save: RM10


-Skin whitening formula *Super Whitening *High Glutathione

*Super Anti Oxidant *Skin Health*for ladies & gentlemen
-Manufactured in Korea, Packaging in Thailand.

-Halal & no side effect

Wakilala Cover Cream

Market Price: RM35
Our Price: RM30
Save: RM5

- Product is Made in Japan;
- Able to absorb excess oil secretion, thus avoiding sweaty armpits;
- Hide black pores & Whiten them at the same time;
- Gives out a light lavender aroma;
- Recommended to use daily
- Best Seller more than Millions per year all over Asia.

Vitamin C 1000mg Pahang Pharma

Market Price: RM80/100tabs
Our Price: RM70/100tabs
Save: RM10

-Halal & no side effect
-For skin health
-Suitable for everyone from 12 years old & above
-70% orange & 30% grapes

Cathy L-Glutathione

Market Price: RM40
Our Price RM30
Save: RM10

-Just used in small quantity
-SPF 130
-Whitening+pore tightening+remove all kind of spot+flawless white skin.

For more Detail about products

SMS: 013- 5933089

*Buy more, discount more
*Pm us for price nego


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